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  • facebookfriends

    Friendship before Facebook

    Posted on August 9, 2016 by Maria Grazia Swan in Maria's Blog.

    I don’t remember how long it has been since I went looking for love on the Internet. There was a time when I would sign up for those free matchmaking sites. Way before Match.com and EHarmony. Back then few people had computers and it was sort of fun. The novelty and the fun of the […]

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  • Pinkphonefeature

    Do looks matter when it comes to a phone?

    Posted on July 26, 2016 by Maria Grazia Swan in Maria's Blog.

    I have a new phone.  Some of you are probably shaking your head and thinking, “Big deal.” It is, for me. I tend to keep the same phone for many years. Same story with my car. But the phone I had was a lemon.  The first time it started to mess up, I Googled the […]

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  • golfanyone

    Golf Anyone?

    Posted on July 12, 2016 by Maria Grazia Swan in Maria's Blog.

    Until I came to the United States, the only thing I knew about golf was what I saw on worn book covers. Old men wearing funny pants, chasing little balls on grassy knolls. I since found out that the pants are called knickerbockers, and they still look funny to me. Fast forward…I arrive to Arizona […]

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  • FeaturedLettuce

    When lettuce cries

    Posted on June 28, 2016 by Maria Grazia Swan in Maria's Blog.

    Growing up the only type of salad available was the one from my grandfather’s garden. Where I come from, gardens are always at the front of the homes, in plain sight for everyone passing by. By the way, I’m no lettuce expert, just sharing memories. During the summer we had regular lettuce, or germogli.  When […]

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  • SmileTrainFeatured

    Facebook and charities sponsored ads.

    Posted on June 14, 2016 by Maria Grazia Swan in Maria's Blog.

    I’m mad. No, I’m offended. Like most of us I donate to some specific charities. I tend to pick the ones claiming to help children. I say claiming because you never know for sure where the money ends up. And that brings me to the reason I’m so upset. One of the charities is, SmileTrain.org […]

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  • CattoDie4Featured

    Truth is stranger than Fiction and here is proof.

    Posted on May 31, 2016 by Maria Grazia Swan in Maria's Blog.

    The plot of A Cat To Die For revolves around a strange coincidence. Two Calico cats. Males. For non cat people, a male calico it’s hard to find, so what are the chances of two look alike male calico? Believe it or not, it happens. In real life. And here is proof. The calico on […]

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  • Snake Crossing

    Posted on May 10, 2016 by Maria Grazia Swan in Maria's Blog.

    Thursday afternoon, coming from Linda’s salon, feeling good about my nice haircut. Instead of going straight home I take a detour to pick up stuff from a friend and I’m driving through Paradise Valley, the most expensive dirt in Maricopa County. A place well known for some odd reasons. The only town without a grocery […]

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  • When Size Matters

    Posted on April 26, 2016 by Maria Grazia Swan in Maria's Blog.

    First, let me say that this is not about physical attributes.   Continue reading at your own risk of annoyance because this blog is all about…drum roll please…toilet paper.  Yes, the lowly toilet paper. We don’t talk about it, we don’t think about it until we run out of it. One of the best examples is […]

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  • A spare dollar.

    Posted on April 12, 2016 by Maria Grazia Swan in Maria's Blog.

    I keep dollar bills in my car. The kids used to argue at first, then poke fun at me for it. They know I give the money to street beggars. You probably do also. However, I don’t give money to all the street beggars I encounter. I’m not sure what it is that pushes my […]

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  • SpongeBobFeature

    It was meant to be an act of love

    Posted on March 29, 2016 by Maria Grazia Swan in Maria's Blog.

    No more Bucket List for me…. So I have this little, white, ferret, Girl who is now 7. Old in ferret years. Inspired by the heart melting Subaru commercial about a dog and his loving owner on a bucket list quest, I set out to find a playmate for my ferret. I started with the […]

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