A car better than a guard dog?

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One of my kids came to town to buy a car because he works in a very isolated corner of the country, and while the money is good, there isn’t any place to spend it.

He came to visit mom and shop for a car. He wanted something different, unusual.

After a few days spent on mom’s couch making phone calls to dealers and searching the Internet, he thought he found the perfect vehicle.

He left around noon determined to get his car. A few hours later, I received the texted pic with the laconic message. Just bought it.

The car looks fabulous and hey, that’s my favorite color that light metallic blue…sporty little thing, wouldn’t you say?

The first evening he was busy showing off his Chrysler Crossfire (2004). The car is spotless looks like he just came out of a showroom, leather interior, sexy body…and low mileage. By the time he parked it in the garage it was quite late and he went to sleep. I was busy killing people on my computer. Both my office and my bedroom are above the garage, so I was puzzled when I heard some chirping…from the garage? Sure enough, the new car was chirping now and then. But by the time I went to bed all was quiet. Until the next evening that is. It was about midnight when the Chrysler’s alarm went off. And I mean OFF. I nearly hit the ceiling I jumped so high. It kept going off at the strangest times, so annoying that my poor kid just sat there and clicked it off every time, for hours, mortified. Having made up his mind he wanted to keep the car he had to do something quick because I wasn’t going to keep losing sleep over a car who acted like a guard dog. The problem got so bad that one cool night the thing woke up the neighbor’s kids who slept with open windows. They started to scream and the dogs started to bark—well you get the picture. But all was good during the day. Maybe the previous owner was a vampire?

My son still owns the car, as a matter of fact, it’s parked below my office right now and has been behaving like a normal car would. I have no idea how he solved the problem. I’m just happy he did.

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