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SwagBagNext week the Left Coast Crime Conference will be in Phoenix, AZ.  The first thing you receive after you sign in to register, is a badge with your name and a swag bag. The bag contains a plethora of books samples, and other marketing gizmos from authors and publishers. Over the years I treasured the actual bags because some are real art pieces. Way back they were made of real fabric with colorful designs or logos, dates and places. I’m sure you get the picture.

The last memorable bag is from the Matera Women’s Fiction festival, that’s in Italy and it’s a yearly conference. That’s the bag in the picture. La Borsa del Libro translates to the book bag. Anyway, I really, really like the way the designer managed to represent women from different cultures and ethnicities. I keep the bag by my desk and when I have to take books somewhere that’s what I use. Lately I noticed the resident ferret taking her day time naps in the bag, by my feet. The first time I nearly stepped on her, she is so small she hardly makes a bump. But truth be told, I found the napping next to me and in my book bag quite endearing.

Then the other morning I woke to sounds of the ferret munching on her kibble. I figured it was time to get up. That’s our routine and if she isn’t munching, I worry.

I’m about to get my feet into my slippers when I notice something unusual. My Matera book bag is next to my slippers, next to my bed. Ah! How did it get there? Next thing I know, the ferret comes over, slides into the bag and goes to sleep. Apparently this is now her traveling sleeping bag. Well, I wanted to know how she managed to get the bag from my desk to my bed. I mean this is a little furry thing the size of a small rat and no, she isn’t a rodent. I had mental pictures of the ferret grabbing the handles between her teeth and pulling, pulling. I was wrong. After I put the bag under my desk, I started to pay attention and finally caught her in the act.  She pushes with her nose. Yes siree, puts her little head down, under the bag and starts pushing a little at a time until she gets her sleeping bag exactly where she wants it. By then she barely makes it inside and she goes to sleep for hours.

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  1. Your ferret reminds me of a friend’s little dachshund I use to babysit. The first time I met her and the dog was at another friend’s house. The wiener dog was still just a Vienna sausage at the time. She had just found him running loose in a parking lot and was carrying him around in a blue tote bag with his tiny head sticking out the top at times. The little guy loved that bag even after he grew up (up being relative, of course).

    I was baby sitting him on New Year’s Eve one time long after he had become an adult and I had a party to go to. I was afraid to leave the little guy at home alone, partially because dachshunds can be vengeful when they do not receive the attention they feel they are entitled to, partially because I was worried that the inevitable fireworks at midnight might scare him, but mostly because there had been many news reports about people shooting off guns and the bullets falling back to earth. I live in a mobile home there is no way the thin roof would stop a bullet so I took the little guy with me in his tote bag.

    He was the hit of the party. I would let him out from time to time to play, etc. but he was quite content to spend much of the time curled up in his tote bag while it was hanging from a door knob, occasionally sticking his head out to see what was going on.

    1. This is too funny, when I first became the owner of the ferret I would take her out in a little Kate Spade bag, okay, she wasn’t very happy and now I just walk her without a leash because I can’t keep her on the leash more than one minute, she wiggles out, but she is very good at staying close, she doesn’t see well so she follows the sound of my voice, I think I’ll post the pic when I get to facebook..long day!! Thanks for commenting, it helps not feeling like no one pays attention, ciao.

  2. Great story. And would be a good way to tire out the ferret if you want it to sleep. So cute that she has that much tenacity to get it right where she wants it–next to you :)

  3. Little No Name is becoming so famous that she’s going to start requiring that her pic be on your FB page, with sunglasses. I’ll have to search our rodent sunglasses. Since they make them for dogs, I know they must have ten for ferrets!

    1. you’re welcome. Today this little ferret is pretty ticked off at me, had to work this morning so she missed her walk, when I came home her sleeping bag was all bunched up under the bed and she was pouting in the closet….

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