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swanOn Thursday the 29th of December I drove to Sun City to meet award winning, best selling author Julie Moffett. It’s a long ride and since I had to use the 101 I figured this would be a great time for me to stop by the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery located just off Thomas and 99th Avenue. That’s where my in-laws chose to spend their afterlife. I don’t visit enough, in my opinion. But I’m Italian and we have this strange relationship with our dead.  My first stop was the peaceful spot where my in-laws are. It gives me great comfort and a sense of peace just visiting there. Then a quick stroll through the most colorful section, the one with ornate tombstones and this time of the year lots of Christmas themed floral arrangements. Last I strolled over to the lagoon to take a few pictures of the swans. The swans were the deciding factor in my in-laws selection of the Holy Cross. I usually post the pics on my Facebook page for all the relatives to see. But I found only one swan, the female. It was the saddest image of such wonderful creature I had ever seen. She sat, among fallen feathers, her beak covered by some yellowish substance and every time she bent her neck, drops fell from her beak as she was crying. It broke my heart. I could feel her sorrow. When summoned, one of the nearby workers told me about the death of Abraham, her mate, and insisted nothing was wrong with the swan, she was molting. Maybe, maybe not. I did drive to the main office and asked for someone to go check on her. I tried to call back today but still no answers and my research on the subject of molting wasn’t very enlightening. So if you read this and you are knowledgeable on the subject, can you please post? The swan may be mute, but we have a voice. Mille Grazie.  



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  1. Hi! I hope your Holidays were as nice as mine!

    You are so sweet to be so concerned about a wild animal. I did some brief research on swans. It verified that swans do grieve for a while after the loss of a mate but they normally get over it and move on. They normally molt during warmer weather so “your” swan may be at risk, especially considering how cold it has been and she is losing her insulation. You might try contacting some of the local animal rescue agencies about her. Wildlife World Zoo may be a good place to start since it isn’t all that far from where the swan is. If nothing else, they would likely know who to contact about her.

    Good luck and God bless you!

    1. Thanks Jeannie, those were more or less the info I was able to find. Keep in mind the swan is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, so I sort of tip toe around this and I’m not getting much response from the front office of the cemetery. I may drive back there but it’s a 50 miles round trip….

      1. Sadly, Mute Swans are an introduced species to the North America and are usually considered invasive, no longer receiving Federal migratory bird protections. Are you sure the swan actually belongs to the Catholic
        Diocese of Phoenix? Since you saw no other swans, the others may have migrated for the winter, leaving herself behind, suggesting she, and the others, are actually “squatters” and not actually owned by anyone here on Earth.

        Since you are getting stonewalled by the cemetery (which also suggests they do not actually own the swan), you might try contacting the Diocese directly. Also, the yellow substance on her beak suggest she may have an infection, which may prompt animal rescue groups to intervene. You mentioned once you were acquainted with Joe Arpaio. While no longer Sheriff, he has been active with animal protection and may be able to lend a hand or give you some advice.

        Keep us posted.



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