A wintery dog day afternoon

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By now, those of you following my blog are aware of my connection with Home Fur Good.

I tend to sign up for outdoor events because I like to walk around and meet new people and pets. In this case I took on Doggie Street Festival, at Steel Indian Park.

It’s almost a bad joke, but every time I volunteer for an outdoor event, the weather turns bad. I know what you’re thinking, Phoenix, Arizona, how bad is bad?

I signed up weeks ago while watching the weather man announcing how warm and sunny our winter months ahead will be. So far, so good. Then last night the same (lying) weather man announced that…next day weather would dip 17 degrees and rain was expected around noon.

This is sooo not fair. 17 degrees…let that sink in, and rain? He didn’t lie. As I locked my front door behind me it started to rain, at exactly 11:45.

Once I got to our booth, I had to wrap poor little Rocco with two towels and my own sweater. Rocco is a cute little Chihuahua. Dogs with longer hair handled the cold better. And I did walk around and meet people and pets, okay, people and dogs. Check out the pics of two of our cutie looking for their forever home. The white poodle mix is Finley and the Pug mix is Nico. But if you like larger dogs, we have dogs in all sizes, just take a look at the Home Fur Good website. Small or large all the furry friends have plenty of love to share. Woof, that’s thanks in canine speak.

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  1. I love that you support Home Fur Good and that you include animals in your books. I want both of those babies but my four might object.

  2. So sorry about the bad weather, that seems to happen to me a lot too! Years ago we drove hours for a weekend get-away, planning to golf one day. Thanks to us, their months long drought was finally over, torrential rain. No golf.

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