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twodogsThe Scott, a resort in Scottsdale, had a fund raiser for local animal rescue organizations. Home Fur Good, the no kill shelter where I volunteer was one of them and I offered to help.

We only brought along two of our well behaved dogs because it’s hard to predict how even the sweetest mutt will react in a strange environment, surrounded by noises and dogs of all sizes. 

Rusty and Pugsy, are brothers who don’t look at all alike. So the guests’ comments were quite amusing. Up to that evening the goal had always been to get them adopted together because they seem so dependent on each other. Well, no one feels that was now. Rusty is the small one, 8 lbs, Chihuahua mix and he was determined to have a good time. So while his brother Pugsy sat quietly most of the evening, Rusty found a way to get a peek at everything. He tasted all the treats, sniffed every patch of grass and then—discovered doggie massages. I wish I had a pic of this little bundle of energy the minute he stretched on the big comfy chair set up by the masseuse for the four legged guests. Rusty stretched on the soft towel, and soon closed his eyes and you could just see the state of bliss he was in. Every time the lady masseuse would stop he would open his eyes and made it known he wasn’t going to get off that chair yet. Oh, we managed to drag him away, but he somehow always found his way back and wasn’t very pleased if some other dog was on his chair.

By the end of the evening we all agreed that Rusty was ready to fly solo and I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before both brothers find their furever home.



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  1. A great uplifting story, Maria. We need more stories like this, in these tempestuous times.

  2. Such lucky pups to be rescued and sent to a forever home! Thank you for caring, I loved your short story, too!

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