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Charlotte Benson

Many read their daily horoscope. Some consider this entertainment. Others believe strongly.

I believe in astrology. I state this upfront because it’s today’s subject.

Astrologer Charlotte Benson, practices traditional Vedic Astrology-Jyotisha. I don’t know the difference between that and plain astrology. But in my opinion, Ms. Benson is great. As the end of 2017 neared, I needed to believe 2018 would be a better year. So I called Charlotte.

My desire to move back to my old neighborhood made me feel blue. I’m determined and won’t compromise. Ms. Benson and I have in common the ability to visualize goals. She suggested I visualize this home I wanted. And before our session ended she stated that April 20th 2018 would be a good day to land a contract.

From then on I drove that neighborhood twice a week, searched available listings three times a day. It became an obsession. January passed, then February and March…I found nothing for sale. By April I felt extremely worried.

One Saturday in April I promised a friend I’d stop by a garage sale in the coveted community. I walked around on that beautiful day to see what other residents had to sell. One of the homes with the floor plan I badly wanted had a contractor lockbox on the front door and a sheet covering the main windows. Someone planned to move? I rushed back to my friend’s, wrote a nice note explaining I wanted to buy if they wanted to sell. I marched back to the house, found the garage door open and a man loading a truck. Feeling a little silly I told him the truth.

“You’re two weeks late,” he said. “Sold the house to an investor, he takes possession today.”

I gathered my courage. “In case the investor decides to flip, please give him this note.”

On a Thursday, after checking for anything for sale in my dream neighborhood, I saw the date on the bottom of my screen. 4/19/2018. “Well, Charlotte, looks like you got this one wrong. Too bad.”

My cell chimed. “Is this Maria Swan? I understand you’re interested in a home my company bought.”

I signed the contract on April 20th.

After I move, Charlotte Benson will be the first person I invite for dinner, along with my friend who lent me the paper for the note.

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