Behind curtain #1

20170126_130451Let me start by saying that the curtain is a make-believe-I’m-a-door for a bathroom.

Public bathroom. Women’s public bathroom.

I know what you are thinking…’Okay Maria, where in the world did you go to find this?’

On a good day I could jog there from home..not that I would want to.

I took the photo on Thursday afternoon. After leaving a lengthy real estate class I allowed myself thirty minutes of entertainment on my way home. In this case I was going to tour Last Chance, Nordstrom’s ultimate outlet on Camelback Road. I bet you would have never associated Nordstrom with that curtain…To be fair, the bathrooms are for all the stores at the Colonnade Mall. But Last Chance is probably the busiest. I love to go there and watch women fight over bags, shoes, dresses…can’t blame them…once I purchased a Gucci for $50. A Kate Spade for $45…good old days.

But on Thursday I was too tired to fight crowds or try on clothes, I browsed. It’s relaxing. I walked around, feeling fabrics, and glancing at prices.  I did buy a brown leather belt. Ralph Lauren, $6.90. Then I went upstairs to the small lobby to use the restroom before walking back to my car. First I assumed the door thing just happened and some joker hung the fabric with those rubber bands as a prank. Little girls waiting for their mom found it funny, they kept flipping the curtain around. Then the mom said; “No toilet paper, can you please ask the lady in the other bathroom to slide some paper over to this side?”

Woman in other toilet; “There is no toilet paper here, I’m using tissues, I’ll slide one under the divider.”

Some young girl came in while I waited. She took a quick look and said, “What the hell? Two weeks. They can’t get a door in two weeks?” She left. I followed.



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  1. Norma Wilson says:

    I love reading about your daily adventures!

    • Hi Norma, I assume you don’t live in Phoenix, AZ? Camelback is a rather well known road especially the East side of Camelback, named after Camelback mountain it is sided by exclusive hotels/resorts and pricey stores. If you read my book Desert Moon you would find out a lot about the road because most of the action takes place around Camelback. All my books have real towns and real street, also most characters are based on real people. Hope I answered your question and thanks for the kind words.

  2. Jeannie says:

    I keep a roll of toilet paper in my truck for when I encounter a restroom on the road that is out of the important papers.

    I can remember when Scottsdale Fashion Square was actually two small, separate, tiny, open air malls. The mall restrooms in the western mall had no doors on the stalls at all. I never used them. The area is far more upscale now.

    Camelback Road is a major east/west thoroughfare in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ that is named for the mountain, Camelback Mountain, that lies roughly parallel to the north of the road. Camelback Mountain gets it name because is strongly resembles a resting dromedary camel. It’s a major landmark for the Phoenix area. It has too very popular hiking trails that goes up to the summit.

  3. Debbie Franko says:

    I have a public bathroom phobia, so I will hold it in as long as I possibly can. It is very traumatic when you have cleaning OCD, and you enter a room that is just screaming, “Debbie….clean me!
    I just can’t get over the fact that women and girls can leave their sink area a sopping wet mess for the next person!
    Oops, sorry Maria, I kind of went on a little rant there, but I’m okay. I love your slices of life articles.

  4. Thanks Debbie. Regarding public bathrooms, Italian ones are a lot more…iffy than in the US.

  5. John Davis says:

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