Bye bye bunny

BunnyFerretI’m still walking the ferret every morning. For weeks the highlight of her walk was crawling under a huge lantana bush, home of a local bunny. Keep in mind the ferret is nearly blind and only sees moving shadows. It didn’t take long for the bunny to figure that out. All it had to do was stand still and the ferret would walk right by it. She followed the scent more than a moving target and of course the bunny could outrun the ferret anytime, anywhere. So it became a daily routine, the ferret trying to sneak up on the sleeping bunny except the bunny would hear us coming (I wear wooden clog because of the wet grass), and moved about a foot from the bush and wait. It could take a solid five minute for the ferret to figure out the bunny wasn’t home. I’ll be standing patiently on the sidewalk while the bunny sat and waited by the bush. Most often than not the ferret would walk right by the bunny and unless it made a move, she would keep on going, nose to the ground, chasing the scent. But it was fun when she finally would start running after the friendly playmate who would often stop to allow the ferret to come closer. After a while I would carry the ferret home despite her trashing around to let me know she wanted to keep on playing. Sometime falling asleep on the way home. Then came the landscapers, preparing the grounds for the winter and one morning when we walked our path, no more lantana. The large bush had been cut to where only a few lonely stumps were left. The bunny now homeless. Such a sad sight. It completely messed up the ferret who ran around looking for the familiar bush. For a while the bunny showed up and took the ferret for a spin, but lately it hasn’t been around at all. Maybe rabbits hibernate? I don’t know. But the ferret is pushing eight and this may be the winter of her life.  

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  1. Jeanne Wright says:

    I love your interesting stuff ❤️

  2. Jeannie says:

    Ferrets can live as long as ten years so sweet, little No Name may still be with us for a while longer, especially since you take such good care of her (how many people go to the trouble to walk their ferrets?). AZ is full of “critters” so another one may move in soon to replace No Name’s bunny friend. Thank you so much for sharing her (and your) antics with us.

    • Hope you’re right. She’s old and today had trouble making the stairs…I spent the morning on reading up on older ferrets and yes..she has all the symptoms…however, she is a little cuddlier now…thanks for reading us.