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I wear reading glasses. Lucky for me, I’ve only needed minor changes over the years. I’m referring to the prescription part. Every three or four years I buy two pair of glasses, one to wear and one spare. Last month I had to use the spare as, once again, I sat on my glasses and this time the damage was lethal. It happened a few days after my yearly eye exam so I headed to my favorite eyecare store with the new prescription.

I pick my frames the same way I pick my shoes, by weight. Before you roll your eyes and decide I’m beyond weird, let me explain. You wear footwear on your feet, every time you take a step you lift your foot off the ground. Don’t you think that if a shoe weighs, let’s say seven versus fourteen ounces, after a few hours of walking your legs feel the difference? It’s like lifting weights. And while you don’t lift your glasses with your nose—or maybe you do—said glasses do sit on the bridge of your nose and at the end of a long day the weight makes a difference. Hey, some of us with a delicate skin nose have red marks to prove it.

When I went back to pick up the glasses, free cases came with. Black. Like mini coffins. And again, my weight consciousness kicked in because the case holding my glasses will be in my bag. On my shoulder. I ended up keeping one of the black coffins for the spare and paid for a shiny purple case lighter than a feather, okay let’s make that two feathers, for the glasses to wear daily. By the glances from the few people waiting I gathered they clearly assumed I was a total loony toony.

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  1. You are definitely NOT loony toony! I’m well past the age when the weight of glasses started to matter, especially since I only take them off to bathe or sleep (I wear trifocals except when at the computer or watching TV; then I use readers specific to the purpose), so I know how you feel.

    Weight is one reason why I prefer wire frame glasses (they are lighter than plastic frames). I can also appreciate wanting to keep the weight in my purse down. As it is, it’s a wonder I do not have to register my purse as a lethal weapon due to its weight. If were to swing my purse around in a crowd, it would become a violation of the Geneva Convention as a WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction). As far as spares go, I keep a pair in my truck rather than in my purse since I don’t always carry my WMD…er…purse with me.

    Another reason I prefer wire framed glasses (other than I like their appearance better) is sitting on them is far less likely to be fatal. My current pair has been sat on several times and has survived so far since I was able to bend them back into shape.

  2. Sounds good to Me! I have had the same pair of glasses that I have had for years because I can’t afford new ones on our disability checks. However, I keep falling asleep in them and they are bent out of proportion. Still, they are better than nothing! LOL

  3. I totally understand the sore spot on the nose! My glasses are light, but no matter how many times I’ve gone back to have them adjusted, they still slip down my nose. One of these days, I just know they are going to fall into one of my customer’s toilets while I’m cleaning!

  4. Maria, I’ve needed glasses to actually FIND my glasses since I was five. When I wore contacts is when I sat on MY glasses, and happily gave contacts the heave ho for glasses 24/7 after that.

    I understand about the weight issues. I loved my sun clips that came on a matching frame, but kept “forgetting” to use them because with magnets in them, they simply weighed too much.

    This last time, two years back, when I got new glasses and we could afford them, I got the ones that adjust to light….much better

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