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coyoteOnly in Arizona, is what I hear when I tell people about the coyotes living next door. The neighbor two plus acres have small abandoned structures and as far as I know the coyotes always lived in the one just North of my place. But back then there was only one coyote, he would stroll through my front yard every morning before seven and would return at sundown. From time to time he would poop,(and I would have to clean up), but not often. I remember one lazy Sunday afternoon when he stumbled by, falling, getting up, dragging while trying to get home, collapsing by the fence between the properties. All the neighbors rallied to the rescue. One was a veterinarian, and knew exactly what to do. Apparently the poor thing must have been hit by a car. He survived.

Fast forward..the family of coyotes grew over the years. Hard to tell how many as they didn’t always travel together. Now time has come for me to move on and my home is ready for a new family. Two days ago I sat in my car, parked in the middle of the circular driveway, avoiding to go inside as I tend to get emotional, as I waited to talk to the gardener about a broken sprinkler. I was on the phone, the car door wide open when suddenly an adult coyote sneaked up on me, sniffing distance, checked me out and continued on toward the Mountain Preserve. I was speechless. In the fifteen or so years I’ve owned the place, no coyote has ever come so close and in the middle of the day. Too stunned to take a picture. Maledizione. I fumbled with my phone and looked up to see…a second adult coyote checking me out. I recovered quickly enough to get a pic of the coyote’s rear end. And then I sat and thought…how do they know?

How do they know that this is our goodbye?


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