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It started with some old bread. After the kids’ visit I had half a loaf left. Instead of letting it dry up I could give it to the ducks I saw floating on the canal. I live steps from the water, and with the Phoenix summer maybe the ducks could use something to snack on.

Put my straw hat on and walked to the East bank of the canal. An odd couple of ducks hit the water, paddled my way. I’ve since learned the couple isn’t odd at all. The generic looking fowl is the female and the flashy feathers one is the male. Of course!

But back to the bread. I tore the slices into pieces and dropped it into the water to the delight of the odd couple. A few minutes later another couple of ducks arrived, paddling ferociously as not to miss the fancy meal?? Anyway, that was that. And they did devour the bread.

From then on, I would invest about $2 a week on old loaves of bread from the discount table. Word of some Italian chef offering up free meals must have hit the waves because the number of beaks to feed kept growing. And they must have good eyesight as they seemed to recognize my straw hat from a distance and reach the distribution point before me.

All went fine until this week. Maybe some are just snow birds, I don’t know. But before the first crumb hit the water, ducks appeared by the dozen, out of nowhere, some were F_L_Y_I_N-G and then one had the pluck of flying directly to where I stood, high on the canal bank, missing my hat and my head by inches and scaring the bejabers out of me. Keep in mind I don’t know how to swim, nor fly.

That’s it. From now on meals will be served by reservation only.


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  1. Seagulls will do the same thing. They love free food! I can just see your facial expression and surprise. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the mental motion picture your story brought to me. It made me smile and feel good.
    I’m very glad I was finally able to get back onto your site here.
    I’m looking forward to fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving blogs from you. ♡

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