Easter Celebration

2airelibreMy grandmother used to say “Natale con i tuoi e Pasqua con chi vuoi.”

That translates to “Christmas you spend with your family, Easter with whoever you want.”

When I asked about the reasoning behind the saying, here is my grandmother’s creative response: Christmas is the birth of baby Jesus, can’t you see him all smiles in the manger, between his dad (Joseph) and his mom (Mary) and his favorite pets?

I assume that would be the cow and the donkey?

Next come Jesus all grown up and look, to celebrate Easter he is having dinner with his friends (Last Supper), okay, okay, I know…but I was a little kid and she was my grandma who could tell stories better than Disney.


That must be the reason that while I have interesting memories of Christmases past, I have hardly any of Easter.


I don’t know how you celebrate Easter, but here is one of my older Easter pictures. And I am with a friend…the Easter Bunny!

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