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I don’t know how many of you have seen that Subaru Commercial about a dog turning fourteen and the owner deciding to tackle the bucket list. The dog’s bucket list.

My ferret is seven that’s old in ferret’s years, and I felt inspired by the commercial. This week’s blog was supposed to be about that, the ferret’s bucket list.

But something went horribly wrong and this morning, upon returning from my hike I found myself frantically dialing the Vet’s number. They are open on Sunday, but their ferret specialist wasn’t in.

They suggested, no—highly recommended, Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital. This is the first animal hospital that I know of, that doesn’t service cats or dogs. While I sat there, waiting, I met people with rabbits, mice, birds, a bearded dragon and several with ferrets. This hospital is on the expensive side and none of us in the waiting room looked like the number of zeros on the bill didn’t matter. Credit cards were getting a work out. I don’t want to tackle the subject of the bucket list or the outcome of the hospital visit, not yet. I need to collect my thoughts, and digest the series of good intentions gone wrong.

I will tell you about what was going through my mind while driving. The hospital is in Mesa it’s a good thirty minutes on the freeway from my house. It’s not easy to drive fast and blow your nose (often) at the same time. And then it got worse, in front of me I noticed a black truck with a small open trailer, you know, with wire mesh sides. A white lamb stood in the center of the trailer, it appeared to have some rope to keep him from sliding side to side. He just stood there, this little white lamb in this black trailer, on its way to his slaughter.

I drove the rest of the way sobbing.

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  1. People’s pets are like their children so it’s understandable to get emotional. I cried when I took my ex’s poodle in to be put down (he was old and in constant pain from hip dysplasia) and I didn’t even especially like that dog. I don’t have the energy to be a responsible pet owner anymore but I do get attached to friends’ pets. And I cry when they eventually pass on.

    Consider yourself hugged.


    1. Thanks Jeannie, like you I felt my time to be a pet owner was in the past, the ferret was sort of dropped at my door, let’s not go there..picking her up from the hospital early afternoon, not sure she’s really all good. Need to force feed her every 4 hours. Hugging you back.

  2. Oh, Maria, my heart is breaking for you. I had big dreams of becoming a ferret match-maker and finding little No Name a date. Please keep us updated on his health.

  3. I’m thinking of you, my friend, and sending hugs your way. Having been the godmother of a green plumed basilisk when my teen daughter decided she absolutely had to have the rain forest lizard, I have a pretty good idea how much of a hit your credit card took. Will be keeping you and the little white sweetie in my thoughts and prayers tonight :)

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