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ferret a go goI’m ferret sitting. The usual suspect. Last night I sat watching her trying to steal my health bar from the bottom of my purse—the bar weights 2oz, the ferret maybe 16oz. So she is carrying around 2 % of her body weight in her mouth. Ah! When she first started to dig in my purse I smiled–how cute is that? What can happen? She’ll try on my lipstick?

Then she pulls the health bar out, rips the package open and she is off running with this thing in her mouth, while I sit there, stunned. But not for long, I have to catch the thief, she is now under the couch, if she eats the health bar it may kill her, I’m on my hands and knees trying to convince her to get out while she circles around the granola bar that sits on the carpet. Circle, sniff, more circling, I watch in horror as she licks the health bar, pauses and then takes off in the opposite direction from where I’m crouched trying to tempt her to come my way. And we are out and running…but at least she isn’t eating the granola.

This is the same ferret than ran away from home (the kid’s place not mine) three or four times, I lost count. She was always returned safely, well except for the one time when she decided to cross a major intersection and while most of the traffic came to a screeching halt, one vehicle ran over her tail and eventually she lost the tip. No, it didn’t grow back.

She is quick and can squeeze herself under a closed door. We have tried harnesses, but she is too small, the last one, guaranteed to stay on, she freed herself in less than twenty seconds. Well, I found a way to take her on short field trips. I put my old Kate Spade purse on the floor, and pretend to be too busy to watch what she is doing. She slides inside the purse and waits. It’s our little game. I pick up the purse and she pokes her little head out, grabs on with her tiny paw and away we go. I walk holding the purse in front of me and she watches the world go by.

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