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watercolourThe complex where I reside is scheduled to be repainted and it’s amazing to watch how such a project is bringing out so many emotions in people. I was thinking about something I witnessed years ago, North East side of town, close to PV Mall. Those of you who are familiar with Phoenix will know the location and those of you who don’t, you can still appreciate the story.

Tatum is a rather busy boulevard that runs North to South. I used to work in a small office off Tatum and on my way to or back from there I would take Cholla. At the stop light of Cholla and Tatum, there was a home that had been rezoned into an architectural office. Across the street there was a brand new office complex that had been built to look like a large single home. It sat on the edge of a private golf club. The rest of the street, on both sides, had one story homes built in the 70s on large lots. And I remember that afternoon, on my way home, as I turned left into Cholla I saw this…this comic-book-like house. Yesterday this was a regular home, sandy color, like many desert residences. But today…today the home was pained in different colors, splashed on without rhyme or reason. Bright blue, red, yellow, purple…every possible color could be seen on this home, even the low wall facing the street had been painted in technicolor. Why? Perhaps it was to be used as day care??? After a few days of driving by, it no longer registered, until I ran into one of the neighbors.   

Apparently the owners wanted to sell the home, but no buyer could be found because of the heavy traffic and the fact that the residence was sandwiched between offices. So the owners tried to get the place rezoned but the rest of the neighbors all came together and fought the rezoning. The day it got turned down, the owners went home, but first stopped by Home Depot and bought all the outrageous buckets of returned or rejected paint and…well..you know what they did with it. Eighteen months later, with the neighbors blessing, the city rezoned the home to offices. It sold for a lot more money than anticipated and the corporation who now owns it rebuilt the house to look like a lovely residence but it’s really a group of offices and everyone lived happily ever after.


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  1. I guess there really are more ways to skin a cat than we realize. ( oh crap, I just said skin a cat to an animal lover!)
    That was a fun story, Maria.

    1. The phrase “more than way to skin a cat” actually refers to removing the skin from catfish. Catfish don’t really have scales and the skin can give the meat a bad flavor if left on so people remove the skin. the skin is well attached and getting it off can be a real chore so people have come up with a variety of ways to make the chore easier. I prefer fileting catfish to gutting and skinning. After cutting a filet from the fish, I use a filleting knife to remove the skin (it’s easier than trying to peel the skin off). I quickly and easily wind up with two boneless, skinless filets. that way.

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