Friendship before Facebook

facebookfriendsI don’t remember how long it has been since I went looking for love on the Internet. There was a time when I would sign up for those free matchmaking sites. Way before and EHarmony.

Back then few people had computers and it was sort of fun. The novelty and the fun of the dating sites wore out in about six or seven months. Later, much later, I signed up for two sites only because I was writing an article on the subject. Must have been five years ago, I only logged on once, for free, never posted a photo and left a short and incomplete profile, and that was it. Believe it or not, I still get regular messages from one of the sites, five years later. Messages telling me about John, Tom or Jose’…wanting to meet me. I never respond and if I could remember the password or even what name I posted, I would try to remove myself…anyway…I’m sure John and Tom and Jose’ have found love by now.

It was with that attitude that I approached the Facebook friendship saga. At least at the beginning. But no more.

Over the years I reconnected with friends from my country of birth, with relatives I hardly knew I had and I made some new friends. Facebook friends. I’m saying that without sarcasm. At times I had the good fortune of actually meeting some of my Facebook pals.

Some of the meetings were the result of serious determination, others were pure luck. How can I forget that encounter in a grocery store in Italy?

A shopper recognized me from my FB pics and called out my name, from the opposite end of the aisle…I still get goosebumps remembering and I wrote a blog on the subject, must have been three years ago, we had over 850 views…

Now, when I speak of friends, I no longer specify if Facebook friends or—you know—the other usual friends. I rejoice for their good fortune, I suffer for their pain, and I grieve with them or for them, regardless of where our friendship began.

God gave us our relatives; thank God we can choose our friends. Ethel Watts Mumford

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  1. K'Tee says:

    I love your blog/newsletter topics. You always make me think & give me a laugh. Thanks!