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Maria Grazia Swan, Dru Ann Love author and creator of Dru’s Book Musings, and Ritter Ames USA Today Bestselling Mystery Author & Amazon Bestselling Mystery Author

Left Coast Crime Conference was my official reentry into the fascinating universe of writers and publishers. I didn’t know how much I missed that world until I got to the Hyatt, the hotel where the conference took place. With the official opening scheduled for Thursday, I arrived Wednesday afternoon eager to help out with registration. That’s by far my favorite task. Hey, you get to be the first to greet all the wonderful mystery authors you befriended on Facebook years ago hoping that someday you’ll meet them in person, face to face.

I was there as a volunteer.

I parked my car in the public parking across the street as I do when I visit the Hyatt. Being a local was a plus. But instead of entering through the side doors I decided to play the tourist and walked into the main lobby. And guess what? It was like a page from a storybook, the first person I saw was none other than the legendary Dru Ann Love.

Authors would need no explanation, we all know Dru Ann and her musings. Thanks to our Facebook connection, every morning I get to enjoy her daily quote with my first cup of coffee. She is on the east Coast so by the time I read her post she is probably on her lunch break. But I digress.

I’m singing praises to Facebook and the Internet because when she smiled back it was as if we had known each other in real life for decades. I sat next to her and we chatted while waiting for the doors to the registration room to open. And when I left Dru and the Hyatt, I went to meet Ritter Ames another marvelous soul who up to that day I had only known through the virtual world of social media.

What can I say? Long live Facebook.

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