Happy 2018—unless you’re catholic

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Pope Gregory XIII must be rolling over in his mausoleum. According to Wikipedia, Pope Gregory is credited for reforming the calendar in 1582. I, for one, believe that fact because I remember as a kid checking our Italian calendar daily to see whose namesake fell on that day. You see, the calendar lists a saint for every day so no excuses for not naming your kids after one of the saints. If you didn’t, the Catholic Church wouldn’t baptize the baby.

I digress.

Yesterday, as I skimmed through Facebook, a little post by my friend Lena McCoy caught my attention and I was like… “No, no way!”

With trembling hands and pounding heart I pulled out my own brand-new 2018 pocket-size calendar, and OMG!!! It’s true.

2018 will be hell for Catholics.

Imagine this: Valentine’s day and Ash Wednesday fall on the same day. Yep, huh huh huh…you read right. Same day. I have mental images of the nice catholic boy bringing a box of chocolate to his Valentine only for her to ask, “Hey Prince Charming, what’s with the ashes? I’m no Cinderella.”

And just about the time they get over that terrible ordeal…it’s Easter Sunday, except…wait for it…Easter falls on April Fool’s Day. All I can say is—Amen.

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  1. Easter Sunday on April Fool’s Day? That seems like some kind of a religious tabu or something. LOL.
    Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday too? How strange.
    I enjoyed that.

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