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hammernailThanks to my last blog about volunteering to meet a mate, I received many accolades. Some accolades for originality and others for giving time instead of writing a check.

 I don’t deserve all that credit. I tend to write about personal experiences and with that in mind let me tell you about my first day as a volunteer.  

Here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth regarding my performance at Habitat for Humanity.

Okay, I went there with two goals in mind: help a worthy cause and meet a possible date.

So on a bright Saturday morning, wearing cute work out clothes and a pink baseball cap, I showed up to the job site ready for action.

The house under construction was at the framing stage and the future residents, a single mom and her teenager boy, were also there working.

There was a lot of camaraderie all around and man to woman ratio was 3-1.

Not bad odds.

Of course I didn’t know who was single and who wasn’t. Right away, I struck a conversation with a woman about my age, also single. We chatted and being new to the construction industry we thought it would be smart to work as a team. That’s how we ended up in charge of nailing window frames. It sounds harder than it was, for us, I mean.

We hammered away, chatted about the hard bodies surrounding us, drank from our water bottles and hammered some more. We weren’t as fast as the rest of the workers, but we made steady progress. I forgot to tell you, we were given a tool belt, with nails and stuff. That was pretty cool.

At some point the man in charge suggested we all take a coffee break. He walked over and invited us to join, then he looked at us and at the window frames and at us again. I could tell by the way he rolled his eyes something wasn’t quite the way it was supposed to be. Without much fanfare he took away our hammers and called someone else over. Turns out all the frames we did were nailed on the wrong side. We were very apologetic and offered to remove the nails, but while not much was said, the look on the men’s face said it all.

For the rest of the day we were put in charge of coffee and donuts and I’m proud to tell you we didn’t mess up once. 

Oh, we had to return our tool belt. Bummer.

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