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Home Fur GoodI bet some of you didn’t notice my absence. True, I didn’t disappear, but I haven’t posted a blog since May—because of—technical difficulties.

Technical difficulties, sounds sooo expertly professional, right?

Simply put, my website was down and I wanted to hire the perfect person to bring it back to life. Fingers crossed I don’t have to go through this again any day soon.

Saturday July 22, was Christmas in July for Home Fur Good so I’m sharing a pic of myself selling tickets for the event.

In case you’re new to the blog, Home Fur Good is a no kill animal shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. It is also the ‘model’ for the Furry Friends Foundation, the animal shelter in the Mina’s adventures series. And guess what? #7, Sniffing out Murder, is due out on Friday the 28 of July, and the dog behind the story was one of the shelter’s rescues.

From now on I should be back to my regular schedule, a blog every other Tuesday. I have lots of stories to share, the next one is going to be about Hawks, yes, I had a few close encounters lately, made me feel like a Hawk whisperer or not…you’ll decide.

Until then, ciao and happy reading.

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  1. Welcome back, and yes, I was wondering where your blog posts had gone. You look so pretty in that red blouse and white skirt.
    I love that Mina shares your love of furry friends. You, dear lady, are making a difference in their lives. Brava!

  2. I’m glad to your site is back up and working again. I tried commenting earlier but the comments part was still broken.

    You do look cute in that outfit. Pity you are hiding your face.

    I just bought sniffing out Murder and it’s next on my reading list. Looking forward to it.

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