Is it Easter yet?

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2017I keep forgetting Easter is around the corner. Could be because I don’t have little ones looking for eggs or chocolate bunnies…And I can’t say I miss that part. I grew up in Italy where we didn’t have any hunt, at least not for Easter eggs…

I remember my grandmother used to say; “Natale con i tuoi e Pasqua con chi vuoi.”

Spend Christmas with your family and Easter with whoever you want…soooo…who will you spend Easter with????  Inquiring minds (me, me) want to know.

Buona Pasqua–Happy Easter


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  1. Easter never was a big candy day in our house in New England in the 60s, in part because my father was diabetic. It was a church day since ‘blue laws’ shut all the stores on Sundays. And when I served churches, it was always the cumulative of a very hectic week.

    As an historian I could insert the pagan traditions, the Lenten fasting, the scarcity of food, the need to look beyond religious traditions in today’s society, the beginning of Spring break for public schools… but what I will say is Blessed Easter, however you read your calendar

  2. Love Easter, despite the fact it usually rains. But most of all, I love buying 1/2 priced Easter candy the day after–sometimes even the evening of the holiday. Now, if I can just catch that Easter Bunny…

  3. A special day for us to thank God for the Resurrection of Christ and for saving our souls. After church we gather as a family and have lunch, No little ones anymore so no Easter eggs or chocolate bunnies

  4. Happy Easter to all. I will spend it with my sister, nephew and brother-in-law. I bring the deviled eggs. And my sister usually has a little basket of candy. If there’s no family “debate,” then we usually play a board game while either golf or football is on the tv.

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