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No more Bucket List for me….

So I have this little, white, ferret, Girl who is now 7. Old in ferret years. Inspired by the heart melting Subaru CottonFlakecommercial about a dog and his loving owner on a bucket list quest, I set out to find a playmate for my ferret. I started with the usual suspects, Facebook pages, and local ferret groups. Moved on to Vets and rescues. Then I remember a sweet story in the AZ Republic, about a very unique rescue/shelter. Unique in many ways as Lucky Paws is a no cage/no kill shelter and—it houses more than cats and dogs…rabbits, turtles and—ferrets. After much soul searching I sent a long, I mean—long—letter to the lady who started the project. To my delight and surprise, Kelly Perry answered and so we made a deal, I would ‘borrow’ SpongeBob. Yep, that’s the name of the 8 years old male ferret. To be clear; both ferrets are spayed and neutered.

SpongeBobOn the chosen day I went to meet SpongeBob, a happy, friendly ferret and let me tell you, the story in the paper was absolutely true, at Lucky Paws you find a lot of couches, pillows and happy pets but you will not find cages.

Bob (for short) arrived in our home around 3pm on a Friday afternoon, I let him out of the carrier and went to wake up the lady of the house. She sniffed the new comer but didn’t seem half as excited as he was. To make the long story short, she spent her time avoiding the eager playmate and I got a little nervous. I sent an email to Kelly, telling her I would wait until morning to make a decision. Ferrets tend to huddle and sleep together. Not in this case, once again, poor Bob ran around looking for the elusive white ferret. She hid in places I didn’t know she could squeeze in. Early Saturday morning I returned sweet SpongeBob to his original home. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Sunday morning I went hiking and returned home to find that Girl had been bleeding around the house. Well, if you read my previous troublesome blog, you know the rest. By 12:30 we were entering the lobby of the Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital. It appears that ferrets are subject to shock. In plain English, stress. For a week it was hell, back and forth from the Vet, force feeding the ferret and giving her 4 different medicines while she fought me and again, found new places to hide. Look, talk to any ferret lover, they’ll tell you how gregarious ferrets are and how they love company. Obviously I have the rare ferret who prefers to be the absolute princess and I..her doting slave…She is now healthy again and I made peace with the bucket list idea, it works better on commercials than real life.

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