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The bird in this very short video belongs to my friend Laura.

Laura and I go way back. We both grew up in Valdagno, shared the same friends, the same growing pains. Since we’re both single, it seems natural for me to stay with her when I come back home. My sisters are married, have different lifestyles, and sleeping habits.

Over the years, I’ve met all her cats. She’s also met my pets when she visited me in the States. A few years back I met Laura’s new pet: Tweety. A rescued wild canary.

True story.

Some neighbors noticed a wild canary hovering over their caged birds. By day the bird happily fed on dropped seeds, at night she cuddled on top of the cages to sleep. The neighbors expressed their annoyance. Good hearted Laura stepped in, bought a cage and, along with her cats, adopted Tweety. Even if she left the cage open Tweety seemed happier in the cage…more city dweller than wild canary?

But wait, that’s not what makes this story exceptional. Nope. You see, due to an unfortunate accident, the bird has only one leg. Three winters ago I gifted Tweety a new cage, spacious, with lots of gadgets and perches. According to Laura, she (Tweety) loved it, so much that she attempted new tricks. One afternoon Tweety flew around in the cage, a claw caught on a perch, the little body fell, one leg twisted and snapped leaving Tweety dandling from the broken limb. Valdagno is a small town and this was a Saturday afternoon.

After many calls, many vets, Laura finally found a compassionate soul who met her and Tweety. He opened his clinic just for them and neatly amputated the tiny leg. Tweety still joyfully entertains us with her antics from the cage Laura rearranged to accommodate the canary’s handicap.


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  1. Aw shucks, I would have liked to have seen how a one-legged bird got around. She’s a cute little thing.

    My kids had a pair of parakeets they named Tweety and Sylvester (we had no idea what their actual sexes were; for all we know, they could have been Bert and Ernie or Thelma and Louise). Tweety was the one with a lot of attitude. Every so often she (he?) would start squawking really loudly until one of us would yell, “SHUT UP, TWEETY!” Tweety would stop squawking and, around 2-3 seconds later, would make a plaintive little, “Tweet?” Tweety could be such a little stinker and be adorable all at the same time, kind of like the bird’s namesake.

      1. You would be surprised how good of pets birds can be. We ran the gamut of pets, ranging from mostly dogs to the two parakeets, tropical fish, and an octopus. My ex was deathly afraid of lizards so I was amazed when my daughter was allowed to keep a lizard she brought home that she had caught at school and had kept in her pocket all day long.

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