It’s February and I don’t care

Picture #2

Picture #2

We barely entered the month of February and signs of early Valentine’s are popping up everywhere. I’m old enough to find this fuss annoying. If I give chocolates to my girlfriends they get upset because of the calories. You give candy to kids and the parents get upset because of the cavities…so I pretend I know nothing about Valentine’s Day. Which is why this blog has nothing to do with hearts and everything to do with feelings and memories.

Picture #2 arrived in my inbox, my nephew in Italy found the old photo tucked away somewhere and though I may like to have it, so he scanned it and voila. I now have my own copy.

I don’t remember when the photo was taken or where, but yes, that’s me with my sister Fiordalisa. In case you can’t tell who is who, she’s the youngest one.

Suddenly I had memories of similar photos and felt compelled to rummage through my boxes. I found photo #1, the real paper photo and I am with two of my sisters, Fiordalisa and Augusta. I don’t know the year and I assume we were on some Italian beach, then again, we could have been on the North Sea. It doesn’t matter, it’s an old photo, with three hearts.

photo #1

photo #1

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  1. Sandy Bartles says:

    Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to tell people how much I love them, not unlike any other day I see and talk with them. I don’t need gifts or anything. Besides, my birthday is three days later!

  2. Sandy, happy early birthday!!! I had never heard about Valentine’s Day as a celebration of lovers. Growing up in Italy it was simply a catholic thing, then I met my husband and found out about the other side of Valentine’s Day..Somehow I never really did get into it. Thank you for posting.

  3. Andrea Stoeckel says:

    When I was in College I used to wear an “anti Valentine’s Day” button like this one:

    Now, seriously, it’s just another day, and my spouse’s birthday is 10 days later. She might go out after Valentines Day to buy cheaper candy…

  4. Linda says:

    I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I think it’s more important to tell & show my friends “I love you” every day. As I’ve grown older I’ve realized this is more important than waiting for Valentine’s Day.

  5. Mary says:

    Thank you for sharing your memories and photos with us, I always love to see them!