Our dear no-name girl really likes one of the kids. When he comes to visit she sleeps in his bedroom, scratches on the door if it’s closed, even sits outside the bathroom while he’s in there. Lucky for him she can’t slide under the door.

And she follows him around all the time. He’s been known to take her on car rides occasionally. When he leaves she gets depressed, mopes around and rushes to check out every visitor who stops by.

The kid left six weeks ago, she still sleeps under his bed every night. A few weeks back she started to poop in the guest bathroom. She has been living here for two years and this is new and not welcomed behavior. The first time, I let it slide, figured it an emergency. Then it became a habit and all the no-no in the world didn’t help. Now I keep the bath door closed. All is well that ends well, right? Wrong.

Next thing I know she starts to poop just outside the guest bathroom door. There, in plain sight. What? Time for a little talk. For those of you not familiar with ferrets, they don’t have a voice. And since they are on the floor and our mouths are up, up, it’s better to sit on the floor when trying to communicate. And so I did. Sat on the floor, my face very close to hers…and as calmly as possible I explained why it’s not nice to poop on the bare floor in general and in front of the guest bathroom in particular. After all, I told her, you’re family, not a guess. She looked at me with her little dark eyes, never flinched. To a stranger she may have appeared a little guilty, but getting closer to her little face I swear I could hear her singing.

You know, that song we sing in our heads when we can’t wear earplugs.


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  1. Andrea Stoeckel says:

    My goodness. She sure is testing your alpha-ness isn’t she?

  2. Jeannie says:

    Thanks for the update on little No Name.

    Be careful. She might wind up thing her name is “No, no!”

  3. Marilyn says:

    You should make a video of her in the brown paper bag I am sure all of us wonder what a ferret looks like having a tantrum..lol..
    Well, I do anyway…

    • Maria Swan says:

      Well, she does her stuff inside the small paper bag, all I can see is the bag moving and I hear all the racket she makes turning and scratching, after 4-5 performances the bag is shredded of course, so I put out a new one. It only annoys me when she does it in the middle of the night and the clawing and trashing wakes me.

  4. Ritter Ames says:

    It’s a good thing we love our animals, right? We’ll do all kinds of crazy stuff for them 🙂