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Gas or electric? The question circulated on Facebook a few days ago. Regarding cooking. Of course the answers varied from annoyed to passionate. The majority of the fired up ones came from gas cooking folks. I read the lively exchange, thought back to my grandmother cooking on a wood burning stove.

Yes, wood. Because…that was the newest thing then. And that explains why women spent most of their days in the kitchen, especially in winter. The stove became the center of everything because it also provided the only source of warmth. And that stove provided embers for our irons, and ashes used to launder bed linens.

Hey, I’m not making this up. I’ve tried to remember when my grandparents switched to electric cooking, but honestly I can’t. Where I come from, wood stoves are still used by chefs and homemakers alike. My brother kept our grandparent’s old stove to use for some specific family recipes. He loved to cook. I’m not that fussy, I’m thankful for all the new and improved kitchen appliances and various gadgets.

As for the Facebook question, gas or electric? I only use electric…because…once upon a time I used to cook with gas. Until I set myself on fire. Yep. I did. But that’s for another blog.

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  1. I like using gas for the stove top burners since they heat up to temperature so much faster than electric burners, then cool down just as fast. However, I hate gas ovens; I find they are a real pain in my ample asset, especially for broiling. Electric is far more convenient for ovens. Depending on the stove, you can even run both the bake and broil elements at the same time (although I haven’t had a need to yet). Sadly, I have yet to see a stove with gas burners and an electric oven.

    My favorite way to cook, however, is with the microwave. It’s much faster and is much easier to clean. Anymore now, if I can’t “nuke” something in the “reactor”, I eat it raw or not at all.

    1. Jeannie, are you ready for this? When I go back home I miss my microwave a lot, although I only use it to warm up stuff. In my home town I have yet to find someone who owns a microwave or a garbage disposal…not even the cool kids. Go figure.

      1. I can believe it. When I travel, I try to find motel rooms that have a microwave and minifridge in the room for restaurant leftovers.

        I hate garbage disposals! Back when I was married with children at home, my daughter would insist on stuffing the stupid thing, then turn it on, then turn on the water. I was constantly having to clean it out and unstop the drain. I even had to replace it once. I will not have one now even if someone gave it to me and installed it for me. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just one more thing to break.

        Don’t even get me started on dishwashers!

  2. Been there done that too.

    Growing up, at my mother’s it was electric because she burnt her eyebrows as a kid. At her mothers it was gas. At Cooking School it was gas. Most of my married life has been gas. In our old place you could find in the basement an old cast iron wood stove- didn’t work anymore though.

    My choice is gas if cornered, but I rarely cook anymore. We’ve settled for electric here and souse is on a new learning curve

  3. yep, my eyebrows, my clothes and most of my hair…and I was pregnant at the time…been afraid of gas ever since. And have no idea how to work a wood burning stove, but I like the smell of the burning wood…

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