When life gets crunchier, add wine.

Ashes font changeThe life crunchier expression I borrowed from my friend Ritter Ames, that girl always makes me smile. The wine part is all mine. Soooo, how ‘crunchier’ is my life today? Well, a huge tree fell on my front porch during yesterday’s storm. We hardly noticed as we were busy trying to fix the water damage in the office, courtesy of the previous storm. At this rate I may pitch a tent somewhere so I can get my edits done for the Mina’s book I was planning on releasing on October 2nd. Sorry about being late with edits, it’s because of the rain. Does this excuse sound lame to you? THE RAIN. In Arizona, in the desert…helloooo! Most people here don’t even own an umbrella, I own two, not because I’m smarter, but because I tend to misplace stuff I seldom use…

I’ll keep this short and sweet and go back to work on the book. However, let me give you a peek at what’s coming soon, very soon.

Here is the cover of Mina’s book # 4. Hope you like it as much as I do.


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