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View from my patio
View from my patio

I moved. I’m still living out of boxes which makes for an interesting topic when I show up somewhere and I’m wearing the wrong belt because it was on the same hanger as the dress, and I don’t have matching shoes or jewelry because I haven’t found the right box yet. One of my so called smart friends suggested we mismark the boxes as to confuse thieves. Ah! My kids moved me and now I’m so confused I opened the box marked sweaters only to find placemats.

But I digressed. One of the reasons this move is more difficult is because I moved out of my very favorite zip code and into a totally different area.

You see, for the first time in most of my adult life I don’t live by a mountain or open spaces. I moved to the city.

I shop at the same stores, okay, same chain of stores, and yet it feels so different. People are more dressed up. And they seem to move at a faster pace, like they are on a caffeine rush all day. But I’m sure I’ll get used to that. After all, I’m smack in the middle of all that’s trendy. One funny detail, I used the same general locale for my soon to be released Murder Under the Desert Moon except while writing the book I had no clue I’ll be moving on the same street as Lella and Larry. Talk about fiction being stranger than life…

There are perks to living in upscale places. On Sunday, I didn’t get my newspaper. Yes, I still read the paper edition. Every day. At the old place, I would call, leave a message and that was that. I’ll get a credit. But not here. I called and was told a copy would be delivered ASAP. I thought I dialed the wrong number. Not only the charming lady delivered the paper to my door in within ten minutes, she introduces herself and encourages me to call her anytime I have a problem with delivery. WOW!!! Pretty impressive, won’t you say? I called all my friends who are still living in my old zip code and bragged about it. Until I went out to get gas and realized that around here, the same stations sell gas for $.30 a gallon more. Thirty cents! Same brand, same city, different area. Rats.

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