Do looks matter when it comes to a phone?

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PinkphoneI have a new phone.  Some of you are probably shaking your head and thinking, “Big deal.”

It is, for me. I tend to keep the same phone for many years. Same story with my car.

But the phone I had was a lemon.  The first time it started to mess up, I Googled the problem and read hundreds of similar complaints, so I knew, it wasn’t my lemon…it came from a very prolific defective lemon tree.

By the time I went to get a new one, my 2 years contract was about up, so I figured, no biggie, I sign for another 2 years and get a decent, reliable phone for about nothing. Wrong.

I was told that’s not how it works these days. You don’t sign a lengthy contract, as for the phone, you either pay the full price up front or you make 24 monthly installments. In other words, they have you for two years unless you’re ready to cough up the cash up front. We are talking $500+. Ouch.

My instinct said, “Pay the damn $500. You’re not going to let a phone company own you for 24 months, right?” And I had already fished out my check book from my purse, but then stopped.  And decided to do the monthly payments. I dragged the kid there with me to make sure I wasn’t going to get another lemon just because it was sooo pretty. Still talking about the phone, yes I buy phones based on looks…the kid who knows me well, said, “I was a bit surprised you signed up for the monthly installments. Any particular reason?”

“Since I’m not paying interest, in a way I’m using their money.” I explained. “But that’s not all. Suppose something happens to me…you know, suppose I die. It will be a used phone, worth very little. However, if I die while making payments, well, you kids get a free a phone because they can’t collect from a dead subscriber. Clever, right?”

Silence. I was driving, but I could tell he was shaking his head, “It’s not clever. And it’s a girly phone. We are all boys.” 

Next time I’ll get a gender neutral phone…

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  1. The first phone I got for the home I’ve been living in since ’94 (back when few people had cell phones because they were really expensive and were bigger than bricks) was a French style phone like the one in your illustration. It, too, was a lemon (a big, fat, juicy one). I don’t even remember what I replaced it with. My current four home phones are cordless Panasonics connected via Straight Talk Wireless to the Verizon cellular network (I ditched the land line to get rid of the telemarketers and political callers). They aren’t ugly but they aren’t special either. Being black, they just sorta set there, not drawing attention to themselves.

    My cell phone is a $12 El Cheapo Samsung that is dumb as rocks (talk only). I just don’t feel the need to be connected at the lip 24/7 and I certainly don’t need a big monthly data bill (I’m retired). Since the phone stays in my pocket turned off when I leave the house, I really don’t give the north end of a south bound furry little rodent what it looks like.

    However, that’s just me. What people value is subjective and will vary from person to person. If the appearance of a phone is important to you, then you don’t need to justify that or how much it costs to anyone. It’s your phone and the money you are spending is yours to spend. Your preferences are the only justification you need. If someone else has a problem with your preferences, they can just build a bridge and get over it.

    Btw, you should do the math, comparing paying up front to paying installments. it’s often considerably cheaper to buy the phone up front.

    Eagerly awaiting your next books!

    1. Thanks Jeannie, we finally have new covers/titles for the Lella’s series. Hope to release the first one this week, it has been a long and slow process, then if all goes as hoped, I will finish up the first book of the new series…boy, I do remember the brick size phones…thanks for posting.

  2. Oh, I love his response. My daughter would be the same, except it would be that her taste is so much different than mine. She would go for the pink phone where I never would. LOL! Hope all the bells and whistles work for you!

    1. actually, there are none, but the cover is silver. The one I bought for looks was only $36, and never worked properly, it got so bad I had to get this new phone since all my Real estate business is conducted mostly through the cell phone…I’m thankful they aren’t the size of bricks as they used to be.

  3. That story brought me a well-needed chuckle. I am probably the last person in the free world that doesn’t have a smart phone. I have a little cell phone with no internet. It just has a phone and I can do text messages.
    It is really wild to see so many people around me who have their cell phones cemented to their ears!
    I just can’t imagine doing that and missing everything that’s going on around me.
    I hope your new phone works well for you.

    1. Debbie, I’m like you I hate all that tech stuff, I wish I could just sit and write, instead I spend hours trying to make sense of all that stuff and not always succeeding

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