Memories of Lazise

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Memories of LaziseWriting about Italy is like digging inside my soul with both hands, hoping to strike— no, not gold, but memories worth writing about.

When I wrote about Lazise for Death Under The Venice Moon, I pulled out my box of old pictures. This is not a shoe box, that’s not big enough. I use an empty boot box instead. Yes, I have that many old pictures. And no, I’m not evolved enough technically to have them loaded to my computer. Someday I will, but that’s another story.

Of course I have more than one picture of Lazise. So I spent about thirty minutes looking at a few of my favorites, getting all misty, stroking my fingers over the face of loved ones now gone, and finally settling on one picture trusting it will convey all my emotions and my memories connected to that magical place. For those of you who already read the book, this particular photo was not taken where the Ristorante Alla Grotta is situated. This is the major piazza with lots of little stores, galleries and places to eat. As you can see we were enjoying gelato.

We would be my mother, always the chi-chi one. Notice how she is eating her ice cream cone with a spoon? Yes, that’s my mom. I’m the one in the center, without ice cream, mugging for the camera. Yeah, that’s me. And then there is my sister Fiordalisa, Lisa to her friends, who doesn’t care what mamma tells her to do or what her sister is doing, she is simply enjoying the moment and her ice cream cone.

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