Memories of Easters past

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Every Easter I think about an Old Italian saying; Natale coi tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi.

It translates to Celebrate Christmas with family, and Easter with whoever you want.

It fits particularly well in regard to this past Sunday, it was Easter and April Fools ‘Day.

And I found myself alone. The kids had all scattered to different corners of the United States to visit with friends, lovers, whoever they wanted. They did call to wish me a Happy Easter, and that was fine. I couldn’t help but think of growing up in Italy, Catholicism being the only game in town, Easter was a very important celebration. And we didn’t have any egg hunts. We exchanged chocolate eggs, wrapped in colorful papers. All eggs came with a small ‘surprise’ inside. The value of the surprise was directly based on the price of the chocolate egg.

Then there were the creative types, who inserted their own surprise, like engagements rings or other jewelry. But the main event was always lunch. And since we were allowed to spend Easter with whoever we wanted, we usually all found ourselves at Nonna’s house.

She always served the best food!!!!

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  1. Thanks Sandy, getting used to it….but hey, the weather is lovely and I like to walk the canal and feed the ducks…however, Monday morning when I came back from yoga there was a delivery by my front door, one of the kids sent me a box of fresh strawberries covered in chocolate…

  2. I must be Nonna, because my kids and their families ended up at my house. Love having all of them. We had a surprise 2 inch snow which was not conducive to wearing a pretty dress and sandals. All the shoes ended up at the front door on a rug. Very nasty outside but good fellowship inside. I too am sorry you were home alone but what a nice chocolate surprise and phone call.

  3. Just an observation: why do our sons’ gifts always arrive the day after a holiday? I’ll bet daughters’ gifts arrive the day before the holiday. I don’t have a daughter, so I don’t know. But I can attest to being the mom who always gets the cards and gifts late. Gotta love ’em, right?

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