Mina’s Birthday

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“If I didn’t have my own voice, I’d like to have the voice of a young Italian girl named Mina” Sarah Vaughan. 1968.

Growing up, American teens had James Dean.

Italian teens had Mina.

She was everything I wanted to be and I don’t mean just physically—she was a foot taller than I was and she had breasts.

Mina represented rebellion and freedom from parental tyranny and public opinion.

She shaved her eyebrows, smoked cigars in public, wore fashion so extreme it should have been named after her.

But those were the sixties and the seventies, celebrities stuck to what they did best, they didn’t design clothing lines or perfumes.

Mina sang.

Oh, could she sing. Still does and today, Tuesday, March 25th it’s her birthday. By the time you read this her birthday will be over because she lives in a different time zone.

I’m talking about the real Mina, the Italian singer who inspired my Mina’s adventures series. Those of you who read Love Thy Sister will know what I mean. Look at this picture of Mina, no eyebrows, but thick mascara. Mascara in Italian is called rimmel and my Mina never leaves home without it. When I wrote that I had no pictures of Mina, it was all from subconscious memories.

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Buon Compleanno Mina!!!



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