Morning delight?

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Today is different, I have to take no-name-girl to the vet. At 9:30 a.m.. Not bad you’re thinking. By that time some people have already put in a few hours of hard work. Fair enough. Except, she’s a ferret. Experienced exotic animals vets are hard to find and in this case our chosen one is in the next town. Girl is sitting in her comfy carrier, safely strapped in, perhaps judging my driving…while I find myself yawning.

We stop at the red signal of a major intersection. Seems like everybody is busy pumping gas, a Starbucks cup on the hood of the car…. I can only imagine the stress in those poor people’s lives…or not.


I can’t help but notice quite a few of them aren’t dressed for the office, more like they came back from the gym. Well, look at that hunky young man, yes, he’s wearing hiking boots, I bet he did the Echo Canyon trail. Wow. And that lovely lady, wearing black leggings…yoga maybe? The car behind me beeps and I snap out of my reverie and back to driving. With a new found awareness. A lot more goes on before 9 a.m. than I imagined. And doesn’t necessarily involves work.

How did that late 70s song go again? Afternoon Delight? Forget about it. Time to explore some morning delight.


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  1. Keep in mind not all people work 9-5 shifts. Many work swing and graveyard shifts (I’ve worked both as well as during the day back before I retired) or have variable hours (been there too; never got the tee shirt.

    You never mentioned how little No-Name is doing. Hopefully, this was just a checkup and she is doing fine.

      1. I know what you mean. I avoid traveling on weekends and driving in town during rush hours. Fortunately, being retired makes it a lot easier for me to do so

  2. Maria…is there a way that the “read more” non link on the email could bring you directly to the blog post? After last month, I knew to go to the blog. And there it was! But no “link” is ‘live’ on the email.

    So glad No-Name just went for her regular checkup and all is good

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