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muffinsI’m a creature of habit. I still like something sweet for breakfast, like I did as a child. Back then it was Ovaltine and a cookie. Italian cookies, a bit different than the American counterpart, not so sweet, more filling. After I had kids I discovered cereals, and yoghurt.

Once the kids were in high school and mornings were mine again, I graduated to muffins.

Banana muffins and poppy seed were my favorite. The ritual went like this, retrieve the newspaper from the front door. Get the kids out the door to their way to school, by then one of them had his driver license and a car.

Then it would be my quiet time, coffee, newspaper and my muffin. I bought a few muffins at the time, from the neighborhood bakery, they came in a brown bag and I kept it next to the toaster.

Then one morning when I removed the last muffin from the bag I noticed a bite missing. It made me smile, those kids of mine…probably started to eat the muffin, realized it was the last one and put it back in the bag. Sort of sweet if you think about it. A few days went by and it happened again. I made a mental note to find out which one of the boys was the one bite wonder. But I would forget to ask until it happened again and of course the kids had already left for school.

Until—once again I removed the muffin from the brown bag—the whole muffin—and set it on a small plate while I poured my coffee. The phone rang, this was before cell phones, so I went to the living room to answer. When I returned to the kitchen to get my breakfast—right there, on the kitchen counter, next to the toaster, a tiny brownish mouse was munching on my muffin. I didn’t scream, I was in a state of shock. Before I could think of something to do, the little creature disappeared behind the dishwasher and puff, was gone. It turns out the whole complex had a field mice problem and eventually a pest control service was hired…you should have seen my kids face when I told them I suspected one of them to be the mysterious muffin muncher. Both had the same answer, “Why would we only take one bite?” Why indeed.

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  1. I would have totally freaked out if I had found out I was sharing a meal with vermin of any kind (that could include an exspouse), then, once I peeled myself off the ceiling, all out war would have been declared! It would have made Bill Murray’s character’s war against the gopher in Caddyshack seem like a minor disagreement.

    I’ve been lucky, though. The mobile home I’ve lived in for the past 22 years has had only occasional, minor invasions from ants and sewer roaches, although the latter were big enough to throw a saddle on and ride. Stepping on the latter buggers (pun intended) only annoyed them a little. Using a shotgun would have only damaged my home. I wouldn’t sleep until I hunted down the creatures and obliterated the current invader from the face of the Earth (including my home). I don’t like using poison inside my home (heck, the food we eat now is bad enough) but I discovered setting off some bug bombs under my skirted home would wipe out the roaches (and ants) for several months until I discovered a brand of roach trap that would actually work with the oversized monsters. I have seen only one of the love child of an unholy union between a roach and an small draft horse now in the past ten years (and the neighbors knew when that happened from the blood curdling screech I let out on my way to the ceiling). Ant invasions are also fairly rare now (thank God!).

    You are far more tolerant than I am!

  2. Forgot to mention… Have a safe trip and, as the Irish would say, a safe home! We expect a full report afterwards!

  3. I have no mouse stories, but I enjoyed yours. Have a wonderful time in Italy and come home inspired to write some more fun books.

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