My First Pet

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Was a cat. Dogs weren’t allowed in our house because of my father’s fear of dogs.

I was so young, kindergarten maybe, and don’t remember how the furry creature picked me. Keep in mind, this was Italy, after the Second World War, before cat litter and commercial cat food were invented, so the cat survived on milk and table scraps.

I didn’t know about such things as boy cats and girl cats. Since mine never gave birth, I assumed him a boy cat. He looked very much like the pic I’m posting. Unfortunately, as far as I can remember I only appeared in one photo with my cat. Black and white photo, courtesy of a young woman who took classroom pics at our nearby school. By then I was in first grade and she walked me home at lunchtime one day. She snapped a few photos of my mother and my new baby sister. That’s how I managed to squeeze myself and the cat in one of the pics Mother had taken to send to relatives in America, Rhode Island if I remember correctly.

Many years and many pets later, I still remember my fist cat’s name. But I can’t tell you because I was doped into using it as a password, don’t recall for what, so until I figure it out and change the password, it will remain a secret.

Do you remember your first pet’s name?

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  1. Yes, I remember my first dog’s name (I don’t count the numerous lizards and crawdads I had caught before getting the dog). My parents were reluctant for my sister and I to have a dog. The Phoenix Humane Society had a TV show back then (this was back in around 1958) called Pets on Parade that showcased pets that were available for adoption. One of the pets was called the Pet of the Week and kids could write in saying why they should get the pet. The best letter won and the winner would go on the show to get the pet. Somehow, my sister and I managed to persuade Daddy to let us enter the contest. He gave in, thinking we didn’t have a snowball’s chance in a Phoenix summer of winning.

    A few days later, my sister and and I had been banished to our bedrooms for some infraction or another (probably squabbling) when Daddy got a phone call which started him laughing uncontrollably after he hung up. After a while, we “snuck” out of our rooms to see what was going on and Daddy choked out we had won the dog. So, my sister and I got to go on TV to get our dog. She was a Heinz 57 (aka mutt) but we couldn’t have loved her more than if she was purebred.

    Alas, I’m also reluctant to say what the dog’s name was since it is also the answer to a website security question.

    My ex and I, and our son, had several dogs while I was married and I remember the names of all of them. For me, dogs are furry children and who forgets their children’s names?

  2. I remember Teddy, my mother’s dog. He’d escape like the wind, and the only person he’d come for was Mom, who drove up and down the streets hollering for him.

    And about 6 weeks later, off he’d go again

  3. Not counting gold fish or small turtles (which were all the rage for children back then) my first real pet was a cat. I named him Duffy, which was the name of the family we got him from. A beautiful long haired pure white Persian male. Probably not the best choice for a child of six or seven. He was always going off cattin’ around and would come home with brambles in his fur and sometimes bleeding from being in a fight. One day he never came home, at least that’s what they told me. After Duffy was gone I took in a stray black and white tuxedo cat named Maynard. He was with me for many years. After he passed away from leukemia, another stray came to my bedroom window asking to come in. I was in high school at the time. Looked a lot like Maria’s first pet. I named him Alex. Soon it was obvious that Alex was going to be a mother so her name was changed to Alice. Those are the pets I had before I “grew up and left home”.

    1. Hi Mary, I never has a gold fish or a turtle, probably because I grew up in Italy. In all honesty,I’m a cat person and over the ears had many cats, but there is something about the first one…Thank you for sharing and by the way, keep am eye on my author page because tomorrow we are posting our first give away and it has to do with cats. Big hug cats’ friend.

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