My first Thanksgiving

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ThanksgivingI have vague memories of it. Had no idea what it was all about. Back then my English was very limited and I wasn’t familiar with some foods Americans are accustomed to. We lived in Germany at the time. I had zero friends, but my then husband was invited to the home of a coworker. I bought a potted plant I found at a grocery store where a clerk spoke Italian. That’s what Italians do, they bring flowers and dessert. Dessert would have been a better choice as the couple had four boys. Sadly, I don’t remember their names, I do remember the food. How can I not?

First time I saw a turkey that size…first time I ate corn. When I told my family back in Italy about it, no one believed me. Reminded me corn was for chickens.

And cranberry sauce, another first…but what impressed me most was the sweet potatoes dish with marshmallows on top. To this day it doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. Those little sweet white things had me puzzled and my husband convinced me they grew on bushes, like berries. Yes, I was that naïve. 

I’m sure we all have our own interesting stories and I’ll be happy to read yours if you feel like sharing.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends. Go make memories and pick some marshmallows on the way.

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  1. Wonderful. I so often hear of people’s first experience with food of other cultures but I think this is the first time I that other culture was ours. Love those white berries but just can’t find the bush.

    Everything you write is a delight!

  2. I agree with the other Jeannie (the one with one n) that everything you write is delightful (even if it isn’t often enough to satisfy my insanely voracious reading appetite! hint hint. Speaking about delightful, how is little No Name doing?

    Don’t feel bad about being sucked in when someone told you marshmallows were like berries. Back in 1957, a BBC broadcast managed to convince most of England that spaghetti grew on trees (“google” spaghetti tree hoax). Very few realized the broadcast was as hoax despite its being broadcast on April Fool’s Day.


    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Jeannie, little no name is still around some days she drives me nits and others she worries me sick, like today, she cut the walk short and isn’t eating much, then tomorrow she may run around all day…one day at the time. Thanks for asking and I may post a video of the marshmallows on a bush…

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