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toiletBy now you all know I sell real estate in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s a great way to meet interesting people and make new friends. I was delighted to meet a couple from one of the cold (I’m talking weather) states. They came to town looking to purchase a home to use as a vacation place for now and possibly permanently after retirement. The gentleman was two years away from retiring while the lady had retired earlier and worked as a volunteer for a wonderful nonprofit organization. Well, she managed the whole thing. But back to real estate. At first we visited the retirement communities, but it became clear that wasn’t their cup of tea. We first met each other at my favorite Barnes and Noble. We chatted, compared notes, picked the residences they wanted to see and then scheduled appointments.

When I picked them up to start looking at houses I noticed the lady carrying a bulky purse. Imagine my surprise when we got to the first home and she pulled out a tools belt from the spacious purse. Sure enough, she secured the belt around her waist and from then on, proceeded to inspect the plumbing of every house we visited. That takes a long time. Time I had not anticipated while scheduling appointments. Mainly because in my twenty years in real estate I had never had such experience. At some point I just had to say that perhaps she should limit the inspection only to homes she may consider purchasing? She agreed that would be the smart thing to do and didn’t check the plumbing of the next two residences.

Next day, same thing. Now I became very, very curious, and while she was busy under a sink I had a very enlightening conversation with the Mister.

First, they had not purchased a home in the last forty years.

Second, she knew nothing about plumbing or construction.

Third, she watched every episode of The Home Show channel and had been taking notes for the last six months.

I’m not making this up. Well, we became friends, we do happy hours at some of our favorite places every time they come to town. As for the home they bought? Brand new construction, greatly customized, under warranty for everything, including the plumbing.

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