Not your usual funeral…

Around the Swan family I’m known as the cemetery lady. It’s a cultural thing. In Italy visiting the cemetery regularly is routine. Not so much in Arizona. Of course, where I come from, we only have one cemetery, so it’s easier to stop by once in a while and visit all our beloved deceased. It’s a whole different story in Phoenix where cemeteries are spread out like new subdivisions. I make it a point to visit everyone at least twice a year, then I send a pic to all the relatives. This year we have a new addition, and the dear departed’s ashes rest in one of the columbarium niches at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

For the first visit I brought along the youngest kid. He enjoyed the experience.

Just as we left, a funeral procession approached, escorted by a very large number of Patriot Guard Riders, the informal club of motorcyclists that makes sure all veterans are given respectful funerals. Most sported small flags on their bikes, and flashing lights. I found this quite an unforgettable sight.

I tend to get very emotional. I asked the kid if he wanted to use my cell to take a video to post later. “No,” he said, “it would be disrespectful.”

Never been prouder….

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  1. Sandy Bartles says:

    Sounds like a lovely funeral. I am happy your son felt the way he did about videoing it.

    My family and I enjoy going around to old cemeteries and paying our respects. We cry so hard for the ones who died so young.

  2. Oh, Sandy, I feel the same way. When I go back home, my first visit is always the cemetery. It’s my way to stay my loved ones.