I See Stars . . . Maybe Not

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starsHere in Phoenix, Arizona, we are finally digging ourselves out of two surprising and unexpected storms. And now we sleep with the windows open. Perfect temperature and no dust since the rain washed everything away, and I mean—pretty much everything.

Did you see us in the news? Oh, yes, welcome to the not so dry desert.

After all the months of praying for rain, we got what we asked for. I’m sure you know the rest—be careful what you ask for—see? So now we complain about too much rain.

Sort of like authors and reviews, we want reviews, more reviews please. And then we get them. The publishers, the friends, and even other authors keep on warning us; Do Not Read The Reviews.

So, we nod our head, like well trained little puppies and the minute we are alone with our computer, what do you think we do? We check out the reviews…is there a new one? Oh, how exciting and what does it say? We all do it, regardless if we have one book out or one hundred. And the one hundredth review is as exciting as the first one. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but you know what I mean. And that brings me to the review posted on Amazon a few days ago. It was for Murder Under the Italian Moon and had me smile from ear to ear most of the day. And if you read any of my books (the review could apply to most of my stories) you’d be nodding and smiling too. Here is the review.


I was really enjoying this quirky story, and then the writer had to mess it up with steamy sex stuff. Now I’ll never know “who done it”. Such a big disappointment, and so totally unnecessary.

Okay, first sentence—I was really enjoying this quirky story

See what I mean? S/he likes, really, really likes the story.

Part two of the sentence—then the writer had to mess it up with steamy sex stuff.

Be still my heart..s/he is implying I write steamy sex scenes…if only….but hey, I’ll take the compliment. Move over E L James, you’ve got competition.

Now I’ll never know “who done it”. That’s too bad. Really. But s/he still has the book and maybe will decide to take another look.

Oops, I forgot, it’s a one star review. Yep.

Anyway, I don’t usually discuss my reviews, after all we are all different and it would be presumptuous of me to think I can please everyone. With that said, this is not a bad review at all. Unfortunately the one star does play tricks on the stats, but hey…so does the flooding in Phoenix.

This too shall pass. Keep the reviews coming. Ciao.


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