Sex and the Golden Years

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Kissebook1I’m assuming you’re familiar with my work. I write about relationships among the older generation, my latest is the newly released Mating Dance. I’m also published in fiction, stories of suspense with romantic elements. My readers often query as to why there aren’t many novels about people our age.

That’s when I explain the Eww Factor, and it all becomes perfectly clear.

Sex in the golden years. Not long ago, this would have qualified a book as science fiction. Oh, what a difference a few years make. I’m not saying we went from no sex to humping like rabbits in the blink of an eye. I’m saying sex is ageless, and it’s too bad some people can’t come to terms with that.

The culprit, of course, is the younger generation.

Case in point. I’m currently shopping a manuscript in which the protagonist is a woman over the age of forty-five—okay, way over the age of forty-five. When a literary agent submits a novel to a publisher, it winds up on the desk of an acquiring editor who is probably underpaid and quite young. Imagine a twenty-something editor reading about my fifty-something lady cavorting with her male partner, possibly in the nude—ewwgross. Yep, those are the comments we get back. Before you judge this youngster, keep in mind he or she is about the age of our kids or grandkids and that they’re reading graphic descriptions of grannies having raw, passionate, sweaty sex…

That’s why there aren’t many novels with older protagonists, and just about none with sexy older protagonists. The young guns are the acquiring editors.


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  1. Now that IS sad and I know what you mean about why they don’t get published then. A 24-year-old acquiring editor is NOT going to want something like that. So sad.
    Which is why self-publishing is sooo cool.

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