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  1. I enjoyed reading A Cat To Die For. I also love cats, big and small. My favorite cat was a serval, but I’ve raised a leopard, bobcat and cougar, as well as quite a few “regular” cats. All my animals died at age 13 for some reason, but my last cat remained with me for 22 years. He was my camping buddy and was a comfort after my husband died. Please keep writing.

  2. Monica Marrero Lankford says:

    I just finished reading your book, “A Cat to Die For” on the Kindle Fire. I loved it! It had everything that I love, cats, romance and mystery. My mother told me about your book. It is hard to find these types of books with all my three favorites. In my spare time, I also rescued stray kittens and cats in my neighborhood and try to find forever homes for them. Most of the time I end up keeping some of them because I fell in love them. Please keep writing. You did a fantastic job!

    • Hi Monica, thank you so much for reading about my characters and the cats…And thank your mom for me, also. I’m working on the next Mina’s book and I hope to get i out middle of October. If you subscribe to the newsletter you’ll probably see the cover way in advance of release day. And thanks for your comments, made my day. If you have time and haven’t done so already, can you please post a review on Amazon? Mille Grazie.

  3. Christine says:

    Dear Ms Grazias: Thank you for this delightful story. I enjoyed your writing style, topic and characters. The ‘title alone had me hitting the buy button. It’s always a bonus to connect with author. Your love and understanding of ‘cats’ brought your words to life. Now, I have found you, I will be seeking out your other books. Much appreciation
    Christine A Stark

    • Hi Christine, I’m the one thanking you for reading my stories and for sharing your thoughts. The next Mina’s book should be out middle of October, I’ll send out a cover reveal as the release date gets closer. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much it means to us writers to know that someone out there likes our books, And you’re that someone. Mille Grazie, ciao.

  4. Gayle Miller says:

    Just finished A Cat to Die for and loved it! My 2 hooligans are the most recent beloved cats. At age 74 I suspect they might be my last, but you never know.

  5. Gayle Miller says:

    I love cats and I loved this book!

  6. Martha says:

    Enjoyed this book so much! Had everything going: rescued animals, humor,mfrustrationas ONLY we women can get at times.. With just the right amount of the love interest. Had a cat and dog. Momma cat went hunting, sooner,the dog..would bring the kittens on the car port and keep them till the momma came to get back! All my dogs have been abused rescues and I wouldnt trade them for anything. They sleep on my bed every night. My son and daughter- In-law, have the humane shelter here in Yellville AR. And are a NO KILL shelter. So you had me hooked fron day one!

  7. Lois James says:

    I loved this book “A cat to die for”. So glad for the happy ending.She got her cat and her man back Stories with cats are my favorites.

    • Maria Swan says:

      Thank you Lois, I’m a cat person and this is my favorite series, have 2 more…if you subscribe to my newsletter you often get free books. Next one goes out on the 28th of August. By the way, my website was down from may to end of July, just found your post. Thanks a lot. Ciao

  8. Ramona Kane says:

    I stumbled onto your book through a reading program and loved it. I am also a cat person although I have also had dogs . my cats have all lived into their 20s except Mitt who passed from a massive heart attack at 19. Is there a place where I can find a listing of your books. I definitely want more

    • Maria Swan says:

      Hi Ramona, I just found your message. All my book are on my website and also on my Amazon page. If it’s okay, I will add your email to my list of subscribers as I often give away some of my books free through my newsletter, Have one going out in a few days and there will be free books. Hope you don’t mind me adding you and mille grazie for your kind words.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I loved your book. We have two cats and have had several before. They are wonderful companions and we’ve loved every one of them and our hearts broke everytime we had to say goodbye.

    • Maria Swan says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, yes, I’m a cat person…I understand. And by the way, we had a problem with the website and I just now received all the messages, thanks again.

  10. Judith Rogow says:

    Miss Lilly, Cuddle Bug and Mr Nicky enjoyed your boo as did their devoted slave

  11. Sandy says:

    Enjoyed your book and all the cats in the book. I had 3 cats, siblings, all different, but all very much loved. I miss them. I have put off getting new family members, but eventually I will. Thanks for the story!

  12. Sandra barnett says:

    Loved reading this story really had me wondering if they would get back together. Loved it

  13. Ruth says:

    Enjoyed the humour & mystery mixed together & the cat behaviour. It was fun to read

  14. Barb Ramirez says:

    I enjoyed reading “A Cat To Die For”. I read it
    In iBooks
    I Have had cats many times over the years or should I say many time I have been owned by cats. My last fella Jack survived 2 hurricanes and was well loved. The book had such interesting dialogue I could almost hear the accents

  15. Sylvia Liles says:

    Love this book. Can’t wait to read more of this series.

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