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I don’t know about you, but I still use a small address book I carry with me in my purse everywhere I go.  Yes, I have a smart phone and a tablet and the lap top and a regular computer, but the address book is my security blanket. Every couple of years I need a new one, and I weed out the unnecessary and obsolete information contained in the old. But then I save the old books. I know what you’re thinking and you may be right. I have so many of those old books, some are from before we had cell phones and other don’t have the line for emails. I suppose they are witnesses to the evolution of personal data? I have a girlfriend who was married and divorced so many times I only list her by her first name. And then there is the one who moves every six months…I enter every new address in pencil.

It is easier now that we get to keep the same phone number even if we move across town or if we switch carrier. And thankfully, no more fax numbers…

One of the big challenges is to remember if I filed under first or last name.  These days I call some of the people I haven’t spoken to in a while, because I’m losing friends at an alarming rate.

That’s what I have been doing this month. It’s hard. Or as the kids would say, it sucks. Big time. At the present loss rate, I may not need a new book—ever.

Not to worry, I’m not posting a list of who’s gone and who’s still here. Except—yes, there is always the exception. With Thanksgiving days away I feel the need to remember two authors/friends.  Both women were exceptional writers and wonderful human beings.  While they inspired me with their talent, I like to remember them for their kindness. In 1998 while they were riding high on their literary success, I was still dreaming of a publisher’s contract.

That year my home burned to the ground and all my beloved books were lost.

Weeks later, while I was still sorting through ashes, I received 2 small packages, both contained a book, not only signed, but with a hand written note of encouragement.

Ellen Recknor sent me a copy of Me and The Boys.

Judith Smith-Levin sent Do Not Go Gently.

Their names may no longer be in the address book but their memories are forever in my heart.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

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