The House My Grandfather Built

Those of you who read Love Thy Sister, probably wonder what this house Mina talks about looks like. You know, the three-story-house her grandfather built?

I’m working on book 3 of Mina’s adventures. Italian Summer is the title and of course, Mina is going back home and she will describe the house as it looks now, 10 years later.

Since I can’t give you a peek at the book (I’m still working on it) or the cover (I’m having trouble separating my vision from reality), the best I can do is show you REAL pictures of the house from the beginning through now. How can I do that you ask?

Because, dear friends, that’s the house MY grandfather built. I was born in that house.


This is the earliest picture I have and it was taken around 1920, the house was a few years old by then. The little girl is standing in the front garden and behind all that flora ( Mina’s words) is the front door. Wisteria hides the entrance and the vine climbs all the way to the balcony.


The second picture shows the same little girl now a grown woman with her own children and that picture could be from the late 40s, early 50s. Not much changed, the wisteria is still there and so is the garden.


The last picture, in color, I personally took, July 2013. The house now belongs to people I don’t know and I’m not sure the quality of the photo is the best. It’s hard to focus while crying.    I would welcome some comments.   So would my grandfather, I’m sure. Ciao.

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