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Why do I have so many winter clothes in my closet? November is here and in Phoenix the daily temperature is still in the high 80s. The last thing I need is wooly mittens. The ones I’m looking at are over forty years old, almost antiques.

Believe it or not, when I first moved to Arizona, I did wear coats and hats and…okay, no mittens. The mittens are left over from California and skis trips and beyond.

The custom-made skis and the expensive Italian ski boots I sold a long time ago, lost my fur parka to a house fire, but the mittens are still in my special drawer.

I put on the left one and noticed three small holes. My grandmother would blame moths…I don’t even know if we have moths in Phoenix and if we do, how did they find their way into my secret drawer, the one with precious memories and a piece of my heart?

You see, these mittens were made for me. No tags of fiber content and no country of origin. The mittens were hand knitted. Hands with frail, thin skin, hands with age spots and brittle nails. The loving hands of my grandmother.



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  1. I’m so sorry! It had to be so heartbreaking to find the damage to something so precious to you.

    Being hand knitted by your grandmother (I’m guessing in Italy), it would be a safe bet the mittens are actual wool, something some moths find to be an ideal place to lay eggs for their larvae to feast upon when the little buggers (pun intended) hatch.

    Arizona does have moths and you would be surprised how they can get through the tiniest spaces. You can get cedar balls (or similar things made of cedar) to place in the drawer (they smell much better than traditional moth balls) to keep the balls at bay. A restoration tailor can repair the holes to keep them from growing.

    I thought of little No Name last night. The geniuses on the TV show Scorpion had a cute little ferret they named Ferret Bueller (after the tile character in the movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). I hope your little baby is continuing to do well!

    1. Thanks Jeannie, yes I plan on taking care of my mittens, need to find matching yarn. Darn moths…the ferret is still on steroids and is doing well, every day she’s around is a gift I cherish, happy Halloween…

  2. If you can’t repair it/them, I’m sure there’s a yarn shoppe that could…or,maybe, time for a shadow box with a strip of cedar at the bottom?

    And, Maria, yarn is not indestructible. When things get old, even without use, fiber breaks down for many reasons. I’m glad you still have them. However, you’ll always have the memories and as my therapist keeps telling me, the memories are sometimes better than the actual things

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