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Is it just me? Am I that easy to impress? Seems like every time I get on Facebook I learn something new. For example, I’m very aware of superstitious people not wanting black cats, that’s why at times the shelter has special promotions for black kittens. But I had NO IDEA about people refusing to adopt white ferrets…why?

By the way, as far as I know Petco is the only chain left selling ferrets, Marshall ferrets, and no, I’m not saying this as an accolade, quite the contrary. Off my soapbox, back to the white ferrets quandary.

A ferret lover adopted a typical sable ferret at the local Petco. A typical sable looks like a ferret wearing a mask. Very cute. A few months later, the same shopper went to buy ferret food in the same store. A manager approached her and offered her a white ferret at a greatly discounted price. The customer asked, “Why? What’s wrong with the ferret?”

The manager explained the healthy ferret had patiently waited for a forever home for ten months, people constantly passed him over because of his color. “And,” the manager added, “It’s the brother of the ferret you purchased.”

So, the white ferret went home with the good soul who didn’t care about the color of its hair. As far as I know they are all happy together and posting on Facebook, well the human does the posting.



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      1. I majored in Psychology and I still don’t understand people so don’t feel lonesome!

        The funny thing is I had a dream last night about having a ferret that got loose in my house and I had the Devil’s own time catching up with her (yes, she was white). It was similar to the time one of my children’s gerbils got loose and it stayed on the lam for a week until I managed to grab him one morning before work with a literal flying leap (I’m too old for that nonsense anymore).

        1. Yes my little white ferret ran away 3 times while with the original owners, that she was found and returned (with rewards) is sort of a miracle, now the miracle is in my house and due to her age, I can outrun her, well, most of the time…

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