This is depressing…

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If you’re feeling blue you may want to skip this post.

I’ve been moving, a real chore. Since I love this new location, I made up my mind not to grumble–much. One good thing about packing, we tend to get rid of things. In my case I go through three stages.

  • Stage one, I pack and donate the stuff I haven’t used in so long I forgot I had it.
  • Stage two, I donate items that wouldn’t fit in the new place.
  • Stage three, I’m so sick of packing I discard, donate, or offer to the movers as long I won’t have to look at it again.

When I entered stage one I stopped by the Goodwill donation center. An SUV idled ahead of me on that pleasant morning, me relaxed having already had my coffee. The young worker approached with the empty rolling bin to help the middle age woman standing by the back door of the vehicle. My car positioned behind hers gave me a perfect view of what she handed to the Goodwill man. A walker, with tennis balls on the metal legs. Crutches. Boxes full of robes or soft blankets, couldn’t tell. An old toaster. Old table lamp, you know, with little ruffles around the lampshade…more clothes, boxes with dishes, and nick knacks…It didn’t take much imagination for me to assume she was disposing of someone’s belongings. The bin was now full. I got out of my car, the woman pushed back some items resting on the floor of the SUV. The Goodwill man approached, our eyes met, “All that remains of a life?” I asked.

“Pretty much so,” He shook his head. We both watched the SUV drive off. The custom license plate said Granmcar.

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  1. You have a way with words, Maria. :-)

    We keep saying we need to empty and clean out. If it hasn’t been used in a year, leaving it in a closet isn’t doing anyone any good.


  2. Thanks Ross, that little scene compelled me to get a cheap ticket home…as soon as I’m done unpacking I’m taking off for a few weeks

  3. As you know we’ve done this recently. You.Can.Get.Beyond.It.

    And both Rebekah and I support you

  4. You two are the best. I need to talk to Rebekah about getting her on my page on a Monday for Monday smiles. Can you email me her website link?

  5. We moved so much when I was little that I never want to move again.

    I wish I had heeded your advice. Now I am so sad.

    1. Sandy, so was I that’s why I felt compelled to post the warning and the joke, hoping to strike a balance.It wasn’t my intention to make you sad. Hugs…

  6. Moving and getting rid of old unused belongings doesn’t have to be a sad experience. I find it refreshing to take out a give all those things I don’t need anymore, it makes me feel light. I have always liked clean spaces so from my movings I’ve learned to to keep or buy too much stuff, only what is truly necessary.

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