Three Little Pigs-the modern version

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threelittlepigsYou all know the story of the three little pigs: the first built a house of straw, the second  a house of sticks, and the third built a house of bricks. According to the story, only the house of bricks survived the huffing and the puffing of the Big Bad Wolf. End of story.

Wrong! For starters, the Wolf was a vegetarian and although he blew two houses down, it was never his intention to eat the residents; he was simply reclaiming the neighborhood. Since the house of bricks wasn’t coming down, he made the third pig an honorary citizen. End of story.

Not so fast! Turns out Citizen Pig was afraid to leave his house of bricks even to go to the neighborhood pub. It’s hard to be a pig in a Wolf’s world. But he did order a powerful computer and then he no longer needed to leave the house–everything he wanted he could get through the Internet. Sure, sometimes he felt lonely, but he had hundreds of cyber friends, and since he didn’t go anywhere, he had little need for clothes, shoes, fancy haircuts and such. He got fat, sloppy and lonely to the point he talked to the computer, even gave the thing a name; “Bo Peep” or “Peeps” for short. End of story.

Not quite! The little pig with the house of straw moved in with a friend while he waited for his insurance check to arrive. To his delight, he discovered that since he no longer lived in his house of straw, his breathing had improved–no more wheezing or coughing all night, no more itchy eyes. He knew there had to be a connection. When the insurance check cleared, he invested the money in a research lab and soon discovered antihistamines. He became very wealthy, met a lovely sow, fell in love and lived happily ever after. End of story.

But wait! The piglet with the house of sticks was also homeless and didn’t get a big settlement from insurance because although his house had fallen down, most of the sticks were not bent or broken. So this industrious little pig loaded the sticks on his pick-up truck and roamed the country creating knick knacks with the twigs and selling them to folks at village art fairs. He made many friends and bedded many lovely swine as he traveled the scenic back roads of the fair land. End of story.

Well, almost. The pig in the very safe house of bricks tripped on a computer wire, fell and couldn’t get up. When they came to take him to the hospital, they had to knock down one of the brick walls, as he would no longer fit through the front door. The Wolf filed a lawsuit against the pig with the house of straw claiming he played an instrumental role in the discovery of antihistamines and demanding a share of profits. They settled out of court and the Wolf became a key distributor. And  the third pig, with the pile of sticks, still roams the country to this day happy as can be: food is a little scarce, but he doesn’t get fat: he doesn’t have a secure job, but he is carefree and answers to no boss. And the sows still love artsy types. End of the story? No, the beginning of the next chapter. End of the blog? Almost.

Is there a moral to this story? It all depends which one of the three little pigs most reminds you of yourself. I’d like to help you analyze this but, my truck’s packed up, and I need to stop at the craft store to pick up more twigs so I can make a nice wreath for the palatial front door of my sibling’s new business.

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar. ~Helen Keller

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