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Twin TubsAre you ready yet?

Most of us find commercials annoying. Over the years I watched entertaining commercials, funny commercials, depressing commercials and a few downright offending commercials.

The matching bathtubs commercial fits most of the above categories. It has been around so long that at my place when it comes on it’s like a chorus; “It ain’t over until the bathtubs appear.” And no, the commercial is not designed to sell tubs.

I bet you all know what commercial I’m talking about. When the time is right, will you be ready?

In my younger years it worked the other way. You knew the time was right because you were ready.

TentBut back to the bathtubs,  at that point the scene turns silly. You have a couple in a romantic, comfortable environment, but, hey, the time is right and he is ready so suddenly the couch/house/ garden, bed…you name it.. .disappears to make room for a camping tent? A rocky edge on a stream? A walk on a dark beach? That must be the writer’s idea of what women want when they are in the mood for sex. Of course, what woman would not pick some prickly grass over a comfy mattress?  And no bathrooms, don’t forget to forgo the bathroom.  The music soars, glances are exchanged and finally..ahhhh!  It’s bathtub time and we can all go back to our regular scheduled program.

Only the mediocre are always at their best.   Jean Giraudoux.

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  1. I loved it, especially the part about wanting sex in a place where there’s no bathrooms! “Ummm, nevermind, dude, I’ve lost that loving feeling.” LOL
    Great job, Maria.

    1. Hi Debbie, I was talking to my webmaven, she posts my blogs and she said, “Maria, for your own good, never, ever Google Sex in the bathtub” Now I’m dying to find out why.

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