Valentine’s Day is Looming…Again!

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HeartGuess what? I didn’t know about Valentine’s Day and the lovers’ connection until I was in my twenties. And even then I wasn’t sure why San Valentino ever got involved with lovers in the first place.

To this day I’m still convinced it‘s simply a clever marketing scheme.

Back in my twenties, I was sort of dating a big city charmer who came calling once or twice a month. I was still living with my folks and had curfew, soooo clear your mind of any impure thoughts.

Mr. Charmer came to pick me up to take me to dinner and before dessert he pulled out this cute red silk sachet and inside was a string of garnets. And no, I didn’t know about garnets either. I do now. I can tell the difference between glass beads, garnets and rubies even without my glasses.

He handed it to me with lots of, “sorry, so sorry, I couldn’t make it on Valentine’s Day, but here, I hope you like it.”

valentinesFast forward. I’m married, living in the United States and I have kids and they go to school and every freaking February I have to spend hours helping them sign dozens of silly Valentines. I remember the refrain in my head as I sealed each tiny envelope…from the tree to the trash…what a waste.

Honestly, why are we doing this to our kids? They grow up feeling inadequate if they don’t have a date or a significant other to squander money for on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s stop the madness, one Valentine at the time. Just don’t touch mine.


Love is the only game that is not called on account of darkness.  M.Hirschfield

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